Investing in yourself

Investing in Yourself

If you have dreams that are bigger than your life right now, investing in yourself needs to become a requirement rather than an option.

Whether you try out lots of free stuff before you purchase something or you jump right into hiring a coach, you need to do something.

Start where you feel the most lack; self-confidence, self-esteem, marketing skills, selling, creativity, whatever.

If your struggle is how to come up with the money for that investment, whether it is $5 or $50,000, start with the basics.

Make a list of all the things you can do to bring in money.

  • Collect and sell recyclables
  • Sell something you no longer need
  • Get a part-time gig
  • Take contract work
  • Make a list of all your strengths. Pick one that other people wish they had, and offer it for a fee
  • Teach a workshop about something you find easy and love to do


There are so many ways.

I know it gets tough, but I also know that the only way out is through expectation, belief, and being open to possibility.

For those of you who have done what it takes, what are some of the ways you made it happen?

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