5 Keys to Winning the Inner Game of Entrepreneurship

There is a lot of focus on the outward expressions of business: marketing, branding, tools, mentors, coaches, and so on. There is also some focus on the “mind-set” aspect of business: thinking positively, setting a clear vision, following one’s passion and so forth.

Personally, I think entrepreneurship goes a little deeper than either of these aspects. If we are not in alignment with our deeper spiritual calling or we do not understand how our mental gremlins (mind-set) can derail us, none of the outward stuff matters. We will always sabotage ourselves, regardless of positive self-talk.

Here are the five key foundations on which I work with my clients. Once you master these. the roof is off, so to speak. Success, however you choose to define it, is a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if.’

5 Keys to Winning the Inner Game of Entrepreneurship

1. Stepping into Fear

You must be willing to lean into fear and thank it for letting you know which path to take.

I can hear you saying “What?” Don’t worry.

I’m not talking about danger. Danger and fear are often confused with each other. If you feel danger, for God’s sake listen to it.
Let me give you an example.

I ran a wellness clinic for many years. At one point, I became tired of managing people and struggled with what to do next. My coach asked me, “What is something that you do that you haven’t shared with the world yet?”

With nervous laughter, I said, “I can talk to dead people, but there’s no way in hell I’m going to do that.” I had a whole list of reasons why I shouldn’t.

She challenged me to do it.

I knew that I had to take the challenge, but my fears went into overdrive:

I’ll be a laughingstock. I’ll damage the professional reputation that I’ve spent years building. I’ll must move. I’ll embarrass my family, and the litany continued.

I picked a date and sent out a notice to only the clients for whom I did personal energy balancing. I sold out the room in three days. This $&*! was getting real. I was now in full-on fear fueled meltdown. I was having anxiety, panic attacks, sweats and chest pains.  I thought the end was near.

You see I had absolutely no interest in being a professional medium.  However, the little voice inside me, underneath all that noise was telling me to be brave and move forward.

At the beginning of the presentation, I asked how many people knew that I was able to communicate with the other side. Only three people raised their hands.

I was literally shaking for the first hour of the presentation.

That presentation led to three more sold-out presentations within a month, which in turn led to radio and TV appearances. My business skyrocketed. At the second event, I had an out-of-body experience of feeling totally aligned with my life’s purpose not because I was doing readings but because I had come fully out of the spiritual closet and people were soothed by knowing that I was a tapped into Spirit.

Had I listened to my fear as a warning, I would have missed out on that experience.

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#2. Boundaries: Minding Your Energy

If you’re a woman and intuitive, you have a double whammy.  You need to install extra-thick boundaries to protect yourself.

You must learn to say the word “No.”. It’s a complete sentence. Yes, some people will move out of your orbit, but they will open the space for someone who is more energetically aligned with you.

When you allow people to expect you to give them your time and energy but receive nothing in return, you need boundaries. This is especially true if you’re intuitive. People will value your time and your gifts only to the degree that you value them.

Here is an example. I had a close business friend with whom I chatted regularly. At the end of every call, she would say, “Before we go, could you tune into… such and such for me? Tell me what you feel?” She never asked whether I minded. She never offered to purchase an intuitive session from me. She always just asked. I felt used. It got to the point that during every call I was just waiting for that question.

I don’t mind offering information when it downloads; but tuning in as she was asking me to do requires a different energy.

Finally, I asked her whether she realized that she asked me to “tune in” for her at the end of every call. She said that she didn’t realize it was an issue. That was because I hadn’t set the boundary! Me! It was my job to do that.

Ask yourself where you need to clarify and set boundaries in your relationships

#3. Owning Your Gift.

People will value you and your gifts to the degree that you value yourself and your gifts.

Particularly in the woo-woo/spiritual realms, it’s easy to be dismissive of our value. Many of us were born with our gifts, and the people around us treated them as no more than parlor tricks or dismissed them as not worthy of focus for serious life direction.

For too many years, I hid my gifts under the cloak of being a good listener or having learned from  life experiences. Hiding them crippled me literally and figuratively, and I knew it. Rather than embracing the fear I allowed it to scare me.

Only after I claimed my gifts publicly was I able to craft a business that filled my soul with joy, every day. Even in my darkest, most frustrating moments. I’m grateful that I have my gifts and that I can use them to help others to develop theirs.

You have your gifts because you’re here to use them and to help others with them.  Claim them.

#4. Mindset of a Spiritual Warrior

You absolutely must do the inner work. You must challenge the stories and limiting beliefs that you use to keep yourself from living a joyful, fulfilling life.

You need to develop a toolbox of how-tos that you can use to handle the ups and downs of life so that you don’t get derailed.

As an empath, I had to learn to distinguish others’ feelings from my own. Until learned that I suffered immensely

Now, the number one tool in my empath toolbox is the question “Who does this belong to?
I ask that question, and then I take action based on the answer. If the feeling belongs to someone else, I either let them know that I was thinking of them or simply send them energy of love, healing and grace to help them through the difficult time.

If the feeling is mine, I explore what thoughts are creating it.

Here is a simple exercise:

Make note of negative thoughts when they run through your head. Write them down. Then cross them out and rewrite them in a positive way. Start with a positive result that you can actually feel.

For example, I tell myself -“I’m a terrible writer.”
But I rewrite that as, “Every day, I’m getting better and better at writing.

You must work on you first before you can serve others. You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to be one step ahead of the people you’re serving.

#5. Self-Love

Be kind to yourself. There is no wrong path. Every path, every experience is there to guide you and enable you to reflect. Comparing yourself to others is a fool’s game.

Just BE YOU! You’re perfect!

(You know I know these things :))



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